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Water Engineering, Technologies and Infrastructure 

We promote the opportunity for the well-being and prosperity of the land, the development of towns, and the sustainability of cities.

Specialty Areas:

Studies and projects for the purification of water for human consumption and domestic use. Treatment of heavy metals in water.

Operation and maintenance of drinking water systems.

Purification and treatment of heavy metals in water

 Technical studies and wastewater management plan normative 236-2006.
Design, construction and equipment of special and ordinary wastewater treatment plants.

Operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants.

Sewage treatment

Hydrological and hydraulic studies and/or designs for construction licenses, protection works, environmental impact studies.
Planning of water related projects.
Hydrogeological studies with vertical electrical tests to establish zones and selected points for drilling wells and designs, consultancy-bidding and supervision of well construction.

Water engineering studies and designs (hydrology, hydraulics and hydrogeology)

Engineering of design, supply and installation of instrumentation for water velocity and level measurements for flow calculation, in industrial or agro-industrial areas, or piping and hydraulic storage.
Hydraulic flow data sensors and telemetry transmission to an SCADA station for water resources management.

Water flow measurement, telemetry and automation

Design and construction of rainwater harvesting systems or storage tanks.

Deposits and tanks from 1,000 L to 15,000 L, and larger.
Drainage systems and infiltration wells 

Water storage and rainwater harvesting

 Evaluation of the water footprint of companies and corporations according to the Water Footprint Network WFN methodology and ISO 14046.
Water audits and water balances at the hydrographic basin level and hydraulic resources systems.

Evaluation of WFN water footprint and ISO 14.046 water footprint; water balances

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Geographic information systems (GIS) for water engineering.

Financial management to protect water sources, management of riparian forests and mangroves.

Diagnosis and watershed management plans.

Water and Territories 

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