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H2Ospital - The Water Hospital

We promote the opportunity for the well-being and prosperity of the land, the development of towns, and the sustainability of cities.

Specialty areas:


Comprehensive water management plans.


Water analysis and diagnosis (internal and external scope).


Design and formulation of water security projects.


Legal and institutional analysis for water governance.


Strategic planning and legal analysis of water


Face-to-face or virtual diagnosis of problems associated with water issues.


Identification of strategic vision.


Critical approach path (pre-investment and investment in engineering and water technologies).

Evaluation and Blue Plan

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Training events and keynote speaker or awareness conferences on the challenges of the water issue (catalog of topics available).


Training in operation, maintenance of water systems and technologies, and proper use of water.

Conferences and trainings


Face-to-face and virtual meetings for neighborhood associations, companies and individuals on specialized water issues such as:  drinking water, wastewater, rainwater capture, local municipal or regional water governance hydraulic systems.

Consulting Dr. Water

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