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The precious fluid that becomes life runs in our creed of finding, knowing, creating and revitalizing.


WATER Co., is the brand that represents the Guatemalan company “Informacion de Agua, Ambiente y Desarrollo, SA”, founded in 2013. In its early years, it became known under the name “AguaInfo”, but after commemorating its 7th founding anniversary, it is presented with the new Corporate Image and Brand WATER Co. 

Services have been developed and products and equipment supplied, which provide answers and solutions to issues of "quantity and quality" of water for multiple uses, and communication and strategic planning of water and environmental projects.


Mission: Contribute to the well-being of millions of people through information and knowledge on water. 

Vision: Place knowledge of water at the center of socioeconomic activity to promote sustainable development.


WATER  Co. Provides tangible and viable solutions tailored to the needs of its clients, to face the multiple challenges associated with sustainable water management. It also offers professional services and/or supplies water products, equipment and technologies, in accordance with 2 lines of business: 


  • Water Engineering and Technologies and Green Infrastructure (services and products)

  • Water Doctor (services)

WATER Co. also operates as an outsourcing company of professional services for water solutions for the agricultural, industrial, real estate, renewable energy, educational, commercial, environmental protection, private sector, international cooperation, NGO and government.

Tratamiento de Arsénico en agua Potable
Conferencia FUNCAGUA
Diseño obras hidráulicas
Obras hidráulicas
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